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Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! 2-Volume Set
Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! 2-Volume Set

Published by Precis Intermedia
Written by Brett M. Bernstein
A collection of 2 items
184 pages
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Temporarily out of stock, but more on the way.

Prepare to unleash your imagination with Treasure Awaits!... Assume the role of a mighty warrior, powerful wizard, or crafty rogue and explore ancient dungeons, catacombs, and ruins in search of treasure and glory. All you need is one or more dice, a pencil, and paper. Ideally, two or more friends can join your adventures, but you can also grab all the glory for yourself.

Start playing in less than 10 minutes. Choose which areas to explore, choose which monsters to attack, and choose how to dole out the treasure. Then proceed with your own adventures into the dark and dangerous depths, exploring either random catacombs or those you design yourself.

Then Unleash even more of your imagination with More Treasure Awaits!... pious clerics and resourceful pathfinders join mighty warriors, powerful wizards, and crafty rogues. Their exploits are no longer limited to ancient dungeons and catacombs, as they venture through the wild landscapes of the surface, and face the crime and trade of towns. Procure goods and tackle new spells, traps, and creatures.

This set includes the Treasure Awaits! and More Treasure Awaits! softcover books, as well as downloadable PDFs for both.
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