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Planets of Peril: Sword & Planet Fantasy RPGZoom
Planets of Peril: Sword & Planet Fantasy RPG
Published by Precis Intermedia
Written by Keith Bruce Vaughn
ISBN 978-1-938270-42-0 [?]
168 pages
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Abducted from Earth long ago, man suffered genetic experimentation by a race of aliens known as the Archons. Humanity survived on the moons of Kerogo... The Archons warred with an enemy they could not defeat. They are now extinct, but humanity survived...

Man found the technological artifacts left by the Archons, leading to a series of despots and wars. Even through this, humanity survived... Awakened from its long slumber, Living Metal from the time of the Archons now attempts to restore the ancient cities, capture new test subjects, and cull the rest...

It is up to heroes and men of vision to determine whether humanity can survive this latest peril.

The Moons of Kerogo haunt your waking hours... Night after endless night, you hear their call... It is time to take up your sword once again... Adventure and romance await...

The simple rules system rates every skill, challenge, and foe by a single die (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, or d20; and rarely d100). This means that only two dice are rolled for actions, one for each side, representing either ability or difficulty. The difference between the two rolls determines the degree of success or failure.

  • Setting information to run games on one or more of Kerogo's moons.
  • Random encounter tables for cities and the wilderness, as well as guides for creating new animals, plants, and societies.
  • Orders of good, cults of evil, and other organizations for use as story ideas, patrons, and motivations.
  • In addition to the four species of man, four alien races are also described.
  • A number of common and dangerous animals are provided as threats, mounts, and general obstacles.
  • Ancient artifacts, various forms of Living Metal, seaships, skyships, and more can be used or faced by the characters.
  • A sample adventure is provided to get you started.
The following accessories are available to enhance play.
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