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The Perilous Pool of PossibilitiesZoom
The Perilous Pool of Possibilities
Published by Precis Intermedia
Written by Nathan J. Hill
13 pages
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An introductory adventure for Eldritch Ass Kicking.

Five brave wizards are graduating from apprenticeship to become fully-fledged spellcasters. But the Terra Baron, your teacher, has one last test for you. Survive, and your future begins in victory. Fail, and you might just end up the permanent janitors of the Baron!

And does anyone smell a traitor among your ranks?

This adventure is quick, simple, and direct, but includes new background information, adventure seeds, clan, magickal tomes, magickal items, and magickal skill. Run it as a demo at your local game store or in your favorite basement. Or just read it and gloat.
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