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Dice: 8in1 6-Sided (1-Pack)
Dice: 8in1 6-Sided (1-Pack)
Published by Precis Intermedia
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Get 8 functions in a single six-sided die. This amazing die provides the following:
  1. D6: standard six-sided die, numbered 1 to 6.
  2. Averaging Die, common among some wargames, numbered 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5.
  3. Yes/No, Odd/Even, Pass/Fail, or Right/Left, represented by a Y or N, and conditional + (and) or - (but).
  4. Fudge/FATE: +/-/Blank.
  5. 2D6: one die to determine 2D6, choosing one of two numbers appearing closest to you. While the probabilities are not the same, this comes in handy when you only have one die.
  6. D2, numbered 1 to 2.
  7. D3, numbered 1 to 3.
  8. Directional: arrow points in rolled direction.

8in1 Dice are 16mm cubes with black ink on a white surface.

8in1 Design 2015 Precis Intermedia. 8in1 Die, 8in1 Dice, and The Amazing 8in1 Die are trademarks of Precis Intermedia. All rights reserved.

This package includes 1 die. Other quantities are also available.
The following accessories are available to enhance play.
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