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Exiled in Eris: Sword & Blaster Fantasy RPGZoom
Exiled in Eris: Sword & Blaster Fantasy RPG
Published by Precis Intermedia
Written by Christian Conkle
ISBN 978-1-938270-81-9 [?]
170 pages
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Hunt for lost treasures among the ruins of a bygone age in this roleplaying game inspired by classic pulp tales of Planetary Romance, Sword and Sorcery, and the Wild West. Swords, blasters, and sorcery mix with monsters, robots, and aliens while searching for fortune and adventure amidst danger and intrigue. All this awaits in the desert no-man's land of the distant future.

Imagine the wild west with swords and Seventies-style blaster pistols. Imagine a female espionage agent in a futuristic skin-tight bodysuit and a Clint Eastwood-style poncho karate kicking an orc in the face. Imagine a grizzled veteran and his buddy, a robot from a proud lineage of noble warriors, cracking open the tomb of a long-dead king only to wake the immortal, six-legged, genetically-engineered guardian beast from its thousands of years of suspended animation. That is Exiled in Eris.
  • Easy-to-learn rules system, using a 20-sided die for most rolls, but also the standard range of dice (d4, d6, d8, d12, d10, d20).
  • Choose from 8 different species, including Humans, Cyberdroids, the reptilian Dakazi, mole-like Deru, and various types of homunculi (genetically-engineered beings).
  • Harness supernatural powers like Sorcery (psychic powers) and Ta'Oudh (manipulating an invisible force).
  • An extensive list of allies and rivals, as well as beasts and monstrosities.
  • Artifacts that can be issued as rewards for discovering ancient caches.
  • Includes a starter adventure: The Tomb of the Architect.
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