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Tales from The Empire (Softcover)
Tales from The Empire (Softcover)
Published by Precis Intermedia
96 pages
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Precis Intermedia has a limited quantity of these softcover books, originally published by Hubris Games. This softcover edition makes references to the Hubris Games web site which is now obsolete--please redirect all questions and comments to our message boards.


A city gone mad! Ruled by a queen who has been missing for 500 years, and run by a caphir that no one has every seen. Diodet is lost in an insular world of parlor games and denial. A city of politics, adventure, romance, and intrigue. All in the shadow of a ruined empire.

Decadence. Art. Swordplay. Welcome to Diodet

A narrative setting for the Maelstrom World
  • A complete guide to Diodet, its people, and how to get by in the City of the Queen.
  • A list of Secondary Affinities for Diodeian narratives, as well as sections on Science, the Natural Arts, and regional politics.
  • Plot seeds, storylines, ideas, and fifteen pages of scenarios.
"Strange adventure in a shifting world"

Note: Maelstrom Storytelling (either the original Hubris Games softcover or reformatted Dogbound Edition PDF) is required in order to utilize the information in this book.
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